10 Up-To-Date Facebook and Twitter Stats You Need To Know

As social media stats are constantly updated, we compiled a list of 10 new and updated tidbits related to our favourite social networks: Facebook and Twitter. Are you shocked by any of these facts? Let us know in the comments below! So here we go:

1. Mashable: 77% of consumers said that  they interact with a brand’s Facebook page through reading posts and updates from the brands.

2. Social Media Examiner: Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other website in the U.S.

3. Convince and Convert: Engagement for B2C marketing is highest on the weekends.

4. Alltwitter:  34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and 20% have closed deals through using Twitter

5. Social Media Examiner: The average Facebook user has 130 friends and is connected to 80 pages, events, and groups.

6. Hubspot: Tweets that include verbs with their messages have a 2% higher shareability than the average tweet.

7. Search Engine Watch: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now considered cornerstones of most social media strategies in larger companies. 94% of respondents said Facebook is one of their top priorities. Twitter was second with 77%, and YouTube trailed with 42%.

8. Mashable: 56% of consumers said they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook

9. CNNFortune: There are now 100 million active users–users who log in at least once a month– with half of those users signing in at least once a day. 55% of them access Twitter via mobile; 40% actually don’t tweet but simply dip into their timelines to keep tabs on what people are saying.

10. WhitefireSEO: What makes people retweet? 92% say interesting content, 84% say humour, 66% say personal connection, 21% say celebrity status, 32% say offered incentive(tangible or virtual), and 26% say “Please RT!”

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